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Champlain Run Trout Club

The last few years Green Drake Outfitters has been actively involved in promoting, preserving and managing trout fishing in Ottawa/Outaouais region. We do this by supporting local fly fishing clubs and the Champlain Run Trout Club.

Over the years, with your help we have stocked thousands of Brown trout in the Ottawa River, with many breeder size (2 – 5 lb.) fish. Our budget for this year will be around $5,000.00. We need help!

Would you like to adopt a trout? With your donation of $30.00 you will purchase a larger size fish. It will be your personal fish and you will have the opportunity to release it! The more participants we have the more large fish we will release. Every year we release over 60 breeders. Not only will you get a chance to actually see and handle your particular Brown Trout, but you will have the opportunity to capture the moment on film as a souvenir of your contribution.

Please contact the CRTC at 613 -828-1915 and make your donation to Adopt-A-Trout.

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