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Fly Tying School

A hands-on exploration of the craft of tying flies.

Beginner Classes - $125.00 These are private lessons for 1 person. 2 or more students can be included in the same group if you desire.

Consecutive Friday evenings. Tools, vices and materials included. The goal is to help each student tie several basic flies, providing a foundation on which you will be able to increase their fly tying expertise.

Session 1 - Tie a basic Caddis Nymph. We will examine the use of dubbing and weighing hooks. We'll tie a Wooly Bugger and a Mickey Finn both are streamers indispensable to the fly fisherman.

Session 2 - Learn to tie a more complicated fly, a gold-ribbed hare's Ear. Learn to do a simple, but elegant salmon fly the Black Bear red butt, and finally, time permitting tie an attractor dry fly, the beautiful and productive Royal Wulff.

Customized Intermediate classes are available.

To see professional fly tying, please see our YouTube channel.

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